Joe Felber | Atmospheric Pressure

The art of Joe Felber has developed as a significant practice over a lifetime spent living and working in cities and major art centres in Europe and America. Here in Adelaide we see the benefits of this time-honoured practice layered with the artist’s longstanding concerns.

Julie Reed Henderson | Political Dancer

Julie Reed Henderson’s art practice deals with attention and relationship through durational forms. Her performance, moving image and installation works are informed by her experience as a contemporary dancer and draw on everyday sensory and social encounters.

Political Dancer is a reference to her own way, her first way of being in the world. What a dancer does most comfortably is to be in process, and in some physical transition or another.

Lucia Dohrmann | Rethinking the Canvas

Lucia Dohrmann’s abstract paintings emphasise materiality and process. They reveal something hiding in plain sight - the nature and structure of artists’ canvas.


Opening times: 11am-5pm Thursday to Saturday & 1-5pm Sunday