Kyoko Imazu | In the Neighbourhood
Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison | It Came like Light out of the Walls

13 June - 21 July
Opening night: 6pm Thursday 13 June
Opening speaker: Kyoko Imazu

In the Neighbourhood | Kyoko Imazu

Kyoko’s beautifully detailed work focusses on our tiny neighbours: the weeds, bugs and pebbles that fill our everyday lives. These beings and objects all have their own stories and universes within themselves, containing many states of life, death and regeneration. They remind her to pay attention to the small things.


It Came like Light out of the Walls | Gracia Haby & Louise Jennison

Gracia and Louise’s exhibition also looks at our natural world, but takes a more global view, exploring climate change, evolution and adaptability. To this end, their 15-metre wall collage, Ripples in the Open, previously exhibited at ArtSpace Realm, Victoria, has evolved into a series of collaged drawings. Unstuck from the wall, rolled and kept, the landscape within Ripples has become a new work.