ALL’S A MIRROR | 3 Oct - 3 Nov 2019
Opening night: 6-8pm Thurs 3 Oct
Opening speaker: Gerry Wedd

“All is a mirror” Canadian artist Agnes Martin once said - a quote that rang true for highly regarded Australian ceramicist Richard Spoehr and is the title for the upcoming show he has initiated at West Gallery Thebarton. Pairing ceramic artists with 2D artists for their synchronicity and connectivity is central to the exhibition.

“The seed for this exhibition came to me whilst engrossed in discovering the life and works of Agnes Martin. The idea was to create a reverberation on the basis of selecting ceramic artists to look outside of their medium to those working in other fields and select an artist.”

Richard Spoehr - David Rosetzky
Stephen Bird - Michael Bell
Ulrica Trulsson - Chris de Rosa
Kirsten Coehlo - Helen Fuller
Bruce Nuske - Christine McCormack
Gerry Wedd -John Foubister
Samone Turnbull - Margie Sheppard

Gallery opening times: 11am-5pm Thursday to Saturday & 1-5pm Sunday